Misha Wallcoverings


Misha Wallcoverings

Hand painted wallcoverings created from tradition and innovation. Choose from a variety of refined designs and backgrounds that ignite the imagination. Printed wallcoverings also available.

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Custom options are available including custom colors, images and backgrounds, or clients can request the creation of original custom works. The wallcovering can even be applied to floors, using special resins, or on ceilings.

Misha Wallcoverings | PALMS


Palm trees painted in color with three levels of depth.

Misha Wallcoverings | MOONLISH PEONIES

Moonlight Peonies

The large peonies feature silvery moonlight colours. The details stand out in contrast with the dark background.

Misha Wallcoverings | CHINESE WINTER GARDEN

Chinese Winter Garden

Large peonies and cherry trees stand out against a luminous background.

Misha Wallcoverings | POND


Goldfish, lotus blossoms and dragonflies, traditional Chinese symbols, in a rhythmical composition on a monochrome background.

Misha Wallcoverings | WHITE MAGNOLIA

White Magnolia

The design portrays the beauty of the Japanese magnolia with its large flowers on leaves without foliage.

Misha Wallcoverings | WINTER PEACH BLOSOOM

Winter Peach Blossom

A monochrome composition made with silver powder to suggest the idea of winter ice.