Christopher Spitzmiller


Christopher Spitzmiller

Handmade Ceramic Lamps
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Classic Shapes

Lovely in any room, Christopher Spitzmiller’s handmade ceramic lamps draw inspiration from classic forms and traditional gem like glazes.

Large Single Gourd Lamps in Marble Delft Blue Color

Traditional Gems

Available in an array of colors and metals, with customization available.

Lindsey Lamp, Wide Ribbed Ball Lamp, Aurora Table Lamp, Large Single Gourd Lamp, Patricia Lamp

Sophisticated Inspiration


Christopher’s iconic ceramic lamp designs draw inspiration from classical forms and traditional gem like glazes. He began his career in Georgetown in Washington, D.C. where he worked out of an old school house near Dumbarton Oaks. Shortly thereafter, his work received critical acclaim and his reputation as a noteworthy ceramicist began to emerge.

Christopher Spitzmiller